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高橋征司 - sigh

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Underwater Knee-High Girls plus

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The official Dai Gyakuten Saiban site has gotten a makeover to match this week’s news!

In addition to bringing some screenshots and art, the site states a new trailer for the game will be revealed a week from today.

The site also provides the following character profiles:

Ryuunosuke Naruhodou: The protagonist of the game. A student at one of Japan’s imperial universities in its capitol, a certain case pushed him to become an attorney. In order to learn the ways of the new justice system, he takes his burning sense of justice in hand and transfers to England.
Susato Mikotoba: A young woman who works as a legal assistant supporting Ryuunosuke due to ‘certain circumstances’. A progressive, foreign-mystery-novel-loving Yamato Nadeshiko.
Sherlock Holmes: The world’s most famous detective. Though his skills of observation and deduction are incredible, he occasionally goes too far into the realm of speculation - a veritable “Reasoning Rampage”. The meeting between the great detective and the rookie attorney will bring a grand turnabout down on England’s courts.
Iris Watson: A young girl living with Holmes. Although she’s only 8 years old, she holds a medical degree and is the author of the extremely popular novel series “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” Some say her skills of deduction surpass even Holmes’…

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How do i make friends with people who dont watch anime

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of sunbeams and seagulls.


of sunbeams and seagulls.

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Aoi Honoo is Too Real

Me at job. 

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there is no land between the sky and the seathere is only a place where shadow sleeps


there is no land between the sky and the sea
there is only a place where shadow sleeps

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のざちよとまゆみこが大変かわいいんだよ~~~というよりアニメのWヒロインちゃんのあざとさ増してるすぎる~~~まゆみこは割と盲点だったけどすごいいいね…年下攻めはいいものだブヒブヒ もう次で最終回なんてうそん


のざちよとまゆみこが大変かわいいんだよ~~~というよりアニメのWヒロインちゃんのあざとさ増してるすぎる~~~まゆみこは割と盲点だったけどすごいいいね…年下攻めはいいものだブヒブヒ もう次で最終回なんてうそん

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